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You can also view the resumes of the candidates and matching skills with job description. Please read the Helpful Tips to place job description.

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Our built-in technology enables us to identify and match talent based on key elements such as technical skills, qualifications, experience and location. We allow our candidates to carefully select and identify their skills based on key matching criteria and questions.


We know how difficult it can be to identify whether or not a candidate has the right technical skills to get a job done. IT Top Talent has built in test modules that candidates can complete and upload on their profiles. This allows employers to be able to not only see the skills but also measure how well they know their stuff!

Video Based Interviews

It's 2019, boring resumes and cover letters are outdated. At IT Top Talent we allow you to view your next hire through our video based profiles. Now you can see the entire interview of a candidate broken down into several parts. Simply chose with questions and answers you would like to watch and off you go.

Pay when you HIRE

As simple as that. No upfront cost, No retainer, only pay us when you find your next hire. We believe in our product whole heartedly and we decided to create this because we are passionate about what we do. One in three of our candidates land a job with potential employers, so what are you waiting for?

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